Tide Rider Waterproof Hat
Tide Rider Waterproof Hat
Tide Rider Waterproof Hat
Tide Rider Waterproof Hat
Tide Rider Waterproof Hat


Tide Rider Waterproof Hat

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Get ready to conquer the elements with our new waterproof Tide Rider Hat. The Slim Fit low-crown structured profile is perfect for those looking for a snug yet comfortable fit, while the Extra Slim is specially designed for individuals with smaller heads, providing a secure fit.

Breathable Comfort: Our Tide Rider Hat is designed with breathability in mind. It allows for maximum air circulation, keeping your head cool and comfortable.

Athletic Fit: This hat hugs your head, providing a secure and stylish fit that won't budge, no matter how fast you're moving or how rough the waters get. It's designed to stay put, so you can focus on the fun.

Water Repellant: Rain or shine, the waterproof technology in our Tide Rider Hat ensures you stay dry. Its water-repellent properties keep you protected from unexpected downpours and water splashes.

UV Shielding: Crafted from UV-protective material, our hat offers robust defense for your face and neck against harmful rays.

Sweat Band Comfort: Keep the sweat at bay as you push the limits, thanks to the integrated sweatband that absorbs moisture, leaving you feeling comfortable, and drip-free.

Rubber Logo Detail: Stand out, make a splash, and conquer the elements.


Slim Fit: 58cm diameter, low crown.

Extra Slim Fit: 56cm diameter, low crown.


Made for the love of water

Designed in Charleston

Crafted with clarity and comfort for a life spent on the water. Every detail is designed for thrill seekers and sun soakers-like us.

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Yes, They Float

Rheos frames weigh 20-30% less than standard sunglasses so all shades will float back to the surface if dropped in the water.

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Protect What You Love

We give back a portion of every sale to protect our waterways. And we give our time, too.

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All lenses offer premium polarization, 100% UV protection and are equipped with a range of VLT that will keep you protected.

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