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Light as a Feather. Tough as a Rock. Clearer than Glass
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Our sunglasses are outfitted with Nylon Lenses, the latest innovation in lens technology. Our 100% UV nylon optics give you clarity superior to glass delivering enhanced vision without the drawbacks of breakage and shattering.

Lenses for every sport and occasion.

All lenses offer premium polarization, 100% UV protection and are equipped with a range of VLT that will keep you protected in any environment.

VLT, Visible Light Transmission, measures the amount of light transmitted through a lens. Low VLTs offer a darker tint and higher VLTs offer a lighter tint. Different environments from fishing to golf to beach lounging, benefit from various percentages of VLT for optimal vision and performance.

Silver Amber

VLT: 39% | Lens Tint: Amber

Our new Silver Amber lens reduces glare while maintaining high contrast. Built to adapt to light, this versatile lense is made to perform.

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VLT: 22% | Lens Tint: Amber

Our Amber lens improves depth perception while enhancing contrast. They're great for fishing, sailing, golf, and driving in overcast conditions.


VLT: 18% | Lens Tint: Grey

Our Thermal lens help the eyes adjust to contrast while improving depth perception. They're great for varying weather conditions.


VLT: 13% | Lens Tint: Rose/Copper

Our Emerald lens evenly transmits color while dimming glare and and enhancing shadows. They're perfect for water and field sports, fishing, and skiing.


VLT: 12% | Lens Tint: Grey

Our Rose lens increases depth of field and vision and assists in reducing eye strain. They offer enhanced blue-light blocking and driving visibility.


VLT: 12% | Lens Tint: Grey

Our Marine lens improves color perception while reducing glare. They're great for wet or snowy conditions, water sports, and golf.


VLT: 11% | Lens Tint: Grey

Our Gunmetal lens offers accurate color perception while reducing glare, especially on the water. They're great for driving, sports, and outdoor activities.

Abbe Value

Abbe Value measures the lens material's dispersion of light, or clarity. The higher the number the clearer the lens. A lens with a low abbe value creates a higher dispersion and can cause unwanted optical distortion (blurriness). A lens with a high abbe value has a lower value of chromatic aberration, which in turn creates less blurriness and optical distortion. Dispersion occurs due to the fact that the lens is unable to focus all visible colors into one focal point. We had our lenses tested by a third party lab and the results are clear... with an abbe value of 52 our Nylon Optics are clearer than glass.

Anti-Scratch & Repellent Technology

A premium hard coating is added to all of our Nylon Optic lenses for long lasting protection against shatter, scratches, and cracking. All Rheos lenses are also equipped with oleophobic and hydrophobic coating to protect against saltwater and fingerprints.