Lens & Frame


Nylon Optics

Our nylon lenses offer a whopping 70% improvement in optical quality compared to industry-standard Polycarbonate lenses. Their Abbe value (measure of clarity) exceeds even glass lenses, indicating nearly perfect optical quality. Experience enhanced clarity, lighter weight, and superior environmental friendliness with Rheos lens technology.

Tailored Lenses for Every Activity

Rheos introduces an innovative cutting-edge functional tints, a testament to our commitment to enhancing your outdoor experiences. Our latest product is meticulously designed to excel across diverse conditions, offering a spectrum of tints tailored for optimal performance.



Our aim is to keep you comfortable outdoors for as long as you desire. Prioritizing both style and a secure fit, all of our shades include rubber temple inserts. For enhanced wrap frames, we've extended the temple rubber for improved functionality. Combined with our advanced fit, these frames offer extra security, ideal for those with an active lifestyle.