Rheos Salty – UV Kids Hat
Rheos Salty – UV Kids Hat
Rheos Salty – UV Kids Hat
Rheos Salty – UV Kids Hat


Rheos Salty – UV Kids Hat

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This hat leaves no one feeling salty. Protect your kiddo’s noggin from sun exposure with 100% UV protective fabric. The adjustable back strap grows with your child, and waterproof coatings allow for more splish and more splash. Welcome your budding beachgoer or lake lifer to the Rheos lifestyle with our sewn-in patch and custom Rheos sea creature artwork.

Made for the love of water

Designed in Charleston

Crafted with clarity and comfort for a life spent on the water. Every detail is designed for thrill seekers and sun soakers-like us.

Sunglasses just dropped into the water. A splash of water appears around the floating sunglasses.
Yes, They Float

Rheos frames weigh 20-30% less than standard sunglasses so all shades will float back to the surface if dropped in the water.

A pleasure boat on the water. Blurred greenery in the foreground.
Protect What You Love

We give back a portion of every sale to protect our waterways. And we give our time, too.

Lenses ready for any condition

All lenses offer premium polarization, 100% UV protection and are equipped with a range of VLT that will keep you protected.

VLT, Visible Light Transmission, measures the amount of light transmitted through a lens. Different environments from fishing to golf to beach lounging, benefit from various percentages of VLT for optimal vision and performance.

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