What to pack for Yacht Week

You’re about to embark on a great adventure. Seven days sailing the high seas with your best friends (or soon to be new crew family). Music, exotic locations, delicious meals, life out on the water — it’s all just around the corner. But first? You’ve got a bag to pack.

What to pack for Yacht Week - Rheos Gear

photo: @yonder.bound

If you’ve never experienced Yacht Week, there’s a few things you need to know before you start tossing everything in your suitcase. Living on a yacht for a week, even if you upgrade to the deluxe cabins, is not like staying in a hotel. Your accommodations won’t be as wide or as open like the big blue sea.

First and foremost, share this list with your crew. A little prep in advance will make sure everyone has a great time, without tripping over backpacks or desperately trying to shove things into a tight duffle bag.

Keep reading for our ultimate list of what to pack for Yacht Week to guarantee you save space and enjoy the experience of a lifetime.

  • Purchase group-sized toiletries. There’s no need for 10 people to have 10 tubes of shampoo or sunscreen on the boat. Have everyone on your crew leave behind their travel bottles and designate someone responsible for packing full-size essentials: sunscreen, aftersun lotion like aloe vera, mosquito and bug repellant, shampoo, conditioner and body soap.

Our pro tip: include a bottle of baby powder in the toiletries list. It soaks up the moisture from sand so you can easily brush off the beach and jump back on the boat.

  • First Aid Kit. Just like with the toiletries, only one member of your crew needs to bring a first aid kit. Make sure to pack the standard items: waterproof bandaids, gauze and tape, pain medication, dramamine or ginger for seasickness, antiseptic wipes and sting relief pads. When it comes to First Aid, we actually recommend overpacking. Since you’ll be visiting new places and eating new food, that might mean exposure to new allergens or something more. Don’t let sickness or an upset stomach take over your vacation!
  • Copies of your passport and IDs. Even though you’re on a determined route and will have a guide with you, make sure you have extra copies of your most important documents in case of an emergency.
  • Floating sunglasses. Beyond the important documents and basic essentials, you and your crew need sunglasses. But instead of worrying about losing your favorite pair of sunnies at sea, choose from this selection that all float in the water and provide 100% UV protection.

Our pro tip: Grab the Captain’s Pack of floating sunglasses. Get 6 pairs of polarized, UV-blocking glasses and save your crew from frantically fishing for a pair. It comes with a waterproof, floating case. You can also use code 2for80 to get $20 off 2 pairs at checkout.

  • The other kind of floaties. Leave your standard pool float at home. During TYW, you’ll see people with giant inflatable unicorns, huge floating pizzas or oversized donuts. Join in the fun and bring your own standout design. Keep in mind that floats do take up a lot of space, so be careful while packing. Try to coordinate with your crew to see if one person can bring a small air pump.
  • Boat flags. When you’re off the yacht, it’ll be difficult to spot yours again, especially surrounded by so many. The solution? Dress it up! Nearly everyone during TYW proudly flies their country’s flag. Find some fun flags that represent you, like your country, sports team, or college mascot — and wave it up high!
  • Waterproof cards. Whenever you experience a lull during your trip, having a pack of waterproof cards will do the trick. With an endless amount of games to play, it’s a great way to have fun with new friends...  and they pair well with adult bevvies too.

Our pro tip: For entertainment, make sure you’re sticking to sustainable choices. Avoid plastic (yep, that includes the straw in your drink) which harm natural wildlife.

Some final pieces of advice …

  • Avoid packing all the little things. The wind and the sea are not always so glamorous. With the sea salt in your hair and most of your time spent in the water, save space in your luggage by avoiding packing the little things. So consider leaving your makeup kit, hair styling tools and other not-so-necessary accessories behind. Keep in mind that you more than likely won’t have access to a safe, so expensive items like jewelry are best left at home too.
  • Dare to be an outfit repeater. Rather than packing an outfit for the morning, an outfit to swim in, and an outfit for the evening for every single day — pack versatile pieces. Yacht Week will have themed events, but you can rewear a pair of shorts and still keep the theme. Focus on packing more swimsuits and swimsuit cover ups than anything else!

Now with this list in hand, you’re ready for Yacht Week and what will be the trip of a lifetime. Enjoy!