Surfer sparks impromptu toilet paper exchange

All around, as toilet paper, soap and other essentials become hard to find, humans everywhere are proving we can all still come together and support each other. 

Take Jonny Blue for example... a surfer and physical therapist who realized his friends were struggling to find the supplies they needed. He didn’t just offer a shoulder and a listening ear — he took action to make a change.

“It just inspired me to remind people, listen, if you have a lot of something that probably means there are people who probably don’t have very much of it, because you took it all,” Jonny Blue told the LA Times, “So sharing it is probably a good thing to keep in mind.”

On Saturday morning, Blue grabbed a cardboard sign and wrote, “Share your toilet paper” and sat on the corner of El Camino Real and Encinitas Boulevard. The response he got was surprising. People began to stop and drop off extra rolls of toilet paper. 

“People are loving it,” Blue said. “People are honking, smiling, laughing. It’s actually been good because it’s actually been kind of a rough time right now.”

Quickly, Blue started sharing rolls with people in need. He stood outside for hours, encouraging his community to come together with a simple request.

“I just want to encourage everyone to be better,” Blue said. “Difficult times can reveal us to ourselves and help us see ourselves more clearly.”

When we think about each other, we can prevail stronger than ever.