Snoopers Rock Trail

When you're in Chattanooga, you're never far from getting outdoors. And by not too far, I mean 10 minutes outside the city. Don't pass it up. Nicknamed "Scenic City," Chattanooga is full of life and adventures for people who love to spent time in the nature. Learn more about Snoopers Rock Trail and other Chattanooga adventures from our friends Nat and Nicolai (@they.explore).

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What's the must do and see here?

Snoopers Rock - Prentice Cooper State Forrest

What makes this a special place to connect with nature?

We absolutely loved this place, because it was one of our first road trips, and the first time we camped in a forrest. Besides it has an absolutely amazing view and not many people go there. This gives the rest of us a place to go where we can be all by ourself and enjoy the nature and all of its beauty.

Favorite memory here?

Waking up in our car, we walked less than a minute and enjoyed our breakfast from Snoopers rock. The view was incredible and is one of our favorite days as van dwellers.

What superlative would you give Chattanooga?


Tell us about yourself!

We are a married couple from Denmark living in the US with our beautiful dog as we study in college. Our dream is to travel around the States while living in our minivan and in the nature. Every day we have off is spent at a new location, exploring the wonders of our nature and falling madly in love with each other. When we graduate next year we are going to leave New Mexico, and live as van dwellers. If you need inspiration, how to live your busy life and travel at the same time, follow our page on Instagram and learn to let go and explore!


Snoopers Rock Trail Chattanooga is all about the day hike from the casual three miler to the length 11 mile quest. The Cumberland Plataeu to the north and the Appalachian Mountains to the east are never far away you (bike trip!).

Snooper's Rock is a moderate four mile hike that forms part of the much longer Cumberland Trail. The end of the hike offers some amazing panoramic views and the autumn colors are a must see for hikers. Pro Tip: Hunting is permitted so make sure you're up-to-date with the peak times for hunters before you head out hiking.

What's your favorite pair of Rheos shades?

Snoopers Rock TrailStyle: Sapelos
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