Ruby Beach WA

The draw of Ruby Beach, WA is the beautiful moody weather and the natural goodness that includes unique marine life, one of a kind rock formations and plenty of places enjoy some Washington style outdoor therapy. Learn more about Ruby Beach from our friend Shelby (@handzmade).

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What's the must do and see here?

There are some really beautiful rock formations along the coast if you walk a little ways. I think just by themselves, those structures are definitely worth the trip up there.

What makes this a special place to connect with nature?

This place was on the top of my bucket list when I bought my first camera. I have always loved the gloomy diffused lighting that seems to surround that area, so it really meant a lot when I finally got the chance to spend some time there.

Favorite memory here?

I had the chance to road trip up from LA with some of my friends from school, and we spent an entire entire day taking photos, building structures on the beach using the huge pieces of driftwood and the beautifully smooth stones that are all over the place.

What superlative would you give Ruby Beach?


Tell us about yourself!

My name is Shelby, I am a Los Angeles based photographer who loves to travel! Currently, I am a student at Biola University, where I am earning my BFA degree in Photography. I love the outdoors! If I have the chance to go camp or travel, I almost always jump at the chance to go do so! My goal overall goal as a person, and as a photographer, is to encourage people to get outdoors and experience the beautiful world we live in.


Ruby Beach WA Drift wood, tide pools, Dali-esque rock formations and stretches of untamed wilderness are what await you at Ruby Beach. The muted tone from the typically rainy weather give it's atypical beach going charm that can't be missed if you're going to Olympic National Park. Relax, skips some rocks and soak it in.

The hike to Ruby Beach is nothing crazy, about a quarter mile in total, but with so much marine life explore, birds to watch and and rock formations to gaze at you'll still find yourself getting your steps in walking up and down the beach. Pro Tip: Reserve your campsite at Kalaloch and South Beach a few months in advance if you plan on staying a while.

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