Keep on Cruising

Couple recreates canceled cruise & 53rd anniversary from living room

Did you know you can bring the ocean to your living room?

Norma and Dave Trill did just that when their 53rd wedding anniversary plans suddenly changed. The couple was going to take off on a cruise around the Pacific before it was canceled due to COVID-19 concerns.

“Last Friday, we were sitting around in their apartment talking about the canceled cruise and I had the idea to play a video off YouTube and cast it to their TV,” said the couple’s daughter, Jane Trill.

Jane explained to Business Insider how her family wasn’t going to let the change in plans keep them from enjoying an ocean view. Relaxing in their chairs with beach towels and wine ready, Norma and Dave smiled and watched the waves streaming on their TV.

“I said ‘there you go, now you can feel like you are on your cruise.’ We chuckled about it and Dad jumped up and put his robe on.” Jane said. “The ideas kept coming — ‘let’s add the toilet paper, let’s add hand sanitizer, a hat, and glasses etc. We laughed for awhile over it.”

These two lovebirds proved that in sickness or in health, they could still enjoy their love of the water anywhere.

Happy anniversary Norma and Dave! We hope you’re having a blast on your living room cruise.