How to choose the best sunglasses for your face shape

Shopping for sunglasses can be daunting. Shopping for sunglasses online? That can be even more confusing. But in today’s world of e-commerce and free shipping, it’s so much easier to test out frames with the click of a button than to sort through the limited selection you’d find at a store. (Not to mention all the headaches of parking lots, lines, and lingering sales reps).

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the sunglasses styles available today, you can narrow down the list by choosing the best fits for your face shape. Certain styles may look better on a narrow, angular face, while others bring out the best features of a heart-shaped or round face.

Just remember there are no hard and fast rules here. Whatever makes you feel your best, rock it out. But if you’re looking for a little guidance, go ahead. Check out our list below and embrace your face.


If your cheekbones are about the same width as your forehead and you have softer angles, your face has a round shape. You can create contrast by choosing an angular or rectangular frame. Square sunglasses can even create the illusion of a longer face. Circular or round sunglasses, on the other hand, could accentuate your round features.

We recommend: Waders | Coopers | Breakers | Sapelos | Edistos  


Square faces are characterized by slightly boxy, angular features. You can soften these lines by choosing curved or round sunglasses. Stay away from rectangular or square shades, like rectangular/square shades, which might look a bit more harsh than their curvy cousins.

We recommend: Wyecreeks | Palmettos | Seabrooks | Faris


If you have an oval face shape, consider yourself lucky in the realm of shades. Oval shapes typically do well with just about any frame style, so go ahead and pick your favorite one... or three! Still not sure if you have any oval face shape? If you’ve ever thought, “I really don’t have a favorite style,” that’s probably your cue. You can look great wearing anything from sporty full-wrap frames to trendy round sunglasses.

We recommend: Bahias | Coopers | Reedy | Washouts | Faris | Wyecreeks

Heart Shape

A heart-shaped face is pretty much what it sounds like… a shape that follows the general shape of a heart. Like your Valentine’s doodles, this face shape is generally wider at the top and comes to a more narrow point at your chin. The aviator style mimics your natural face shape, which will complement your face well. Large frames also typically look great on heart shaped faces.

We recommend: Palmettos | Ellis | Edistos | Washouts | Eddies

Choosing sunglasses is all about having fun and experimenting with styles you like. These are just guidelines, and the real expert is you. Whatever makes you feel your best is going to be the best fit!