Groomsmen Gift Ideas for the Outdoorsman

Congratulations! You’ve asked one of the most important questions in your life: will you marry me? And the answer was “yes.” Now it’s time to ask your closest friends to stand by your side on your wedding day. Which leads us to a little something called the Groomsmen Gift. While a ring worked perfectly for the first question, you’re going to need something a bit different when you ask if someone’s ready to be your groomsman.

Traditionally, this might mean giving your groomsmen some custom cufflinks or ties and suspenders. But, if you’re like us at Rheos, that’s a bit too formal. So instead, we’ve created a list of great outdoorsy groomsmen gift ideas that are fit for the friends you go fishing, hiking, kayaking and so-much-more with.

  • Pocket Knife
    No matter the outdoor (or even indoor) adventure, a pocket knife is one of those essential items that doubles as a great keepsake and useful gift. Take the guys out for a weekend fishing or camping, and they’re sure to bring this knife along. Make it more personal by getting a commemorative engraving or engraving your friend’s initials on the handle.
  • Compass
    While you can’t give your friends a moral compass, you can pack a timeless classic that’ll help steer them in the right direction. Even though your friends are less likely to use this to navigate rush-hour traffic, a compass is a simple keepsake that can commemorate all the things you’ve discovered together.
  • Floating Sunglasses
    Even if you go overboard (literally) during the bachelor party, these won’t be lost at sea. Our wide selection of floating sunglasses offer 100% UV protection that are made to withstand every type of outdoor adventure. Your friends are always looking out for you, and it’s time you do the same. Use coupon code GETHITCHED for 25% off when you buy 5 or more pairs.
  • Durable Flask or Custom Water Bottle
    You can never have too many flasks, thermoses or water bottles. Always useful, this type of gift is also easy to personalize. You could print your own labels to wrap around the bottles, add custom engraving, or just pick out your friend’s favorite colors. There are lots of ways to make this a unique gift your friends will keep and use.
  • Hiking Socks
    Make a themed box of supplies for your next adventure, and throw in a pair of socks to top it off. Grab some stand-out print socks that are great for hiking and may even work for wedding wear (if they’re not too thick). After all, there’s only a handful of gifts that get better as you age, and socks might just top the list.
  • Fishing Lures
    It goes without saying that you found a real catch, and now you can help your buddies do the same. Fishing lures are easy to customize with a simple but fun message to remember your bachelor days. And it gives your group a good excuse to hit the water and go fishing for the weekend.
  • Axe or hatchet
    Will your groomsmen need this at the bachelor party or wedding? Probably not. Is it something unique no one else is likely to ever get them? Absolutely. An axe can represent the strength of your friendship and the spirit of brotherhood. And with this in hand, no one will have an excuse to pass on firewood chopping during your next camping trip.
  • Bottle Opener
    Here’s to the beers and brews you and the guys will drink in celebration. From your bachelor party to your weekend kayaking trips, a bottle opener is one of the only tools you need to have a good time. So grab this for the guys and say cheers to what’s next.
  • Shave Butter or Beard Balm
    Your crew of lumberjacks and outdoorsmen will (probably) need to clean things up for the big day. Prepare your friends to trade in their muddy boots and windbreakers during your wedding with an item they can use day-of. Something like shave butter or beard balm can be a gentle reminder to keep things clean while still being something they’ll use more than once.

Whether you decide to go with this list or just ask on a whim, have a great time celebrating your friendships and your engagement. Congratulations, from all of us at Rheos!