The Best Sunglasses for Boating

Five Reasons Why Boaters Love Rheos Floating Sunglasses



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1. Polarization.  Our premium polarized sunglasses eliminate glare with glass-like clarity and a lens that stands up to the elements.
A boater protects his eyes while boating with polarized Rheos sunglasses.

2. AFFORDABILITY.  With protection and durability for less than $50, you'll find yourself buying a second pair for a friend. Shopping for the entire crew? Save $50 when you purchase five or more pairs with coupon code CaptainsPack.

Friends enjoy a day on a catamaran with affordable, Rheos floating sunglasses.

3. HYDROPHOBIC COATING. Ocean spray beads and rolls right off our easy-to-clean sunglasses, giving you perfect clarity.

Rheos co-founder Becca Berton wears Rheos sunglasses with hydrophobic coating, allowing for perfect clarity.

4. STYLE. Sophisticated enough for a yacht, but laid back enough for a pontoon.

A boater relaxes in New York City with his stylish Rheos shades.

5. FLOATABILITY. Our feather-light frames not only float, but feel so comfortable on, you'll forget you're wearing them!

Two pairs of Rheos sunglasses float perfectly in the water.

"Rheos glasses offer literally everything you would want in a pair of shades, plus one major—and we can’t emphasize this point strongly enough—major, advantage:  They float."



We've got the kiddos covered too! 

Check out our selection of floating sunglasses for children and babies.