10 Unique Last Minute Father’s Day Gifts

Hunting for a Father’s Day gift that shows your dad just how much he means to you is hard. It’s even harder when you only have a couple days left and are running low on ideas. As your dad would say: Are you Russian? Because it sure seems like you’re in a hurry.

10 Unique Last Minute Father’s Day Gifts - Rheos Gear

Our list of 10 last minute Father’s Day gifts will ship just in time for his favorite Sunday. And there’s a good chance you’ll look better than your siblings who planned ahead, too.

1. Leatherman Multi-tool
For the dad that does just about everything, there’s the tool that’s made for, well, just about everything. This is 18 tools in one, perfect for all of his outdoor hobbies and the little emergencies he’s always prepared for.

2. Portable LCD TV
Never let your dad miss a game with a battery-powered TV that’s great for camping or when he’s out on the lake. This includes multiple hookups, so when Mom’s busy watching the big screen in the living room, he can still watch his shows plugged in anywhere in the house.

3. Floating Sunglasses
If fishing, hiking, or a weekend spent boating sounds like something your dad would do, then check out our selection of floating sunglasses. With 100% UV blocking lenses and a lifetime guarantee, Dad will always think of his favorite kid during every outdoor adventure. Order by Wednesday, June 12 to get free 2-day shipping in time for Father’s Day. You can also shop Rheos on Amazon Prime.

Use RHEOSDAD for 20% off your total when you buy a matching kid-sized pair, too.

4. Yeti Tundra 35 Cooler
Keep every beer nice and cold even when he’s spent hours waiting for the fish to bite. Bear-resistant and practically a portable refrigerator, the Yeti is a practical gift he’ll use again and again. Pro tip: fill it up with his favorite snacks to guarantee you’re the favorite kid, too.

5. BBQ Grill Set
A classic gift, this 20-piece heavy duty set comes in its own case and is dishwasher safe. With a gift like this, his status as grillmaster won’t be at steak.
     You: “Hey Dad, can you make me a burger?”
     Dad: “Poof! You’re a burger!”

6. Bug-A-Salt Gun
Arm your dad with a gun that can season his food and kill some bugs. Load up with just a pinch of table salt and Dad will be ready to aim and shoot at any bug or burger nearby. Your mom might not be so happy about all the salt everywhere, but Father’s Day means he can get away with having some fun.

7. National Park Themed Puzzle
Every Dad just wants some quality time with his kid. So take some time to put together this 1000-piece puzzle with your old man. You can both spend time catching up and arguing over which piece goes where. Next year, you can follow this up with a family camping trip to Yosemite to see this picture in person.

8. Tailgating Table
It may not be a man cave, but it’s pretty close. This tailgating table includes four cup holders, an insulated cooler and a snack basket. It’s one central, portable, foldable personal table for Dad to get comfortable and feel right at home anywhere he goes.

9. A Man Crate
Pick out a man crate that suits your dad’s personality perfectly. From lure making to world jerkies, getting him a subscription box will mean you won’t have to worry about forgetting next year. Even if this ships too late, he’ll quickly forget that you were behind when the next month’s box arrives.

10. Beers and Peace & Quiet
Reading this an hour before you meet your dad for lunch? If you’re really cutting it close, then grab something simple, yet sincere, before you head over to his house. Sometimes a pack of IPAs and a nice card recognizing all his hard work is all he needs to know you care. (But bookmark this page for next year.)