10 Ideas for Guys Valentine’s Gifts

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to think about the perfect gift for your one and only. There’s the usual romantic dinner for two, but sometimes that’s just not enough or not quite right. If your partner is the adventurous or outdoorsy type, you’re probably looking for a gift that fits his lifestyle. Skip the endless scrolling on Amazon and stop combing through Google for ideas. We’ve got you covered.

10 Ideas for Guys Valentine's Gifts - Rheos Gear

Photo by @jayecallahan

We put together a list of ideas for guys Valentine’s gifts that every outdoor enthusiast and water junky will love. From kayaking to boating to exploring your own city, our list combines the gear he’ll want with experiences that will last a lifetime.

  1. Sign up for a SUP tournament
    Even if you’ve never tried stand-up paddle boarding, signing up for a tournament will be a fresh and fun adventure for both of you. Practice and prepare together, and make a bet that whoever wins gets a home cooked meal (and loser cleans the dishes!). You’ll spend quality time together enjoying a new hobby and maybe even spark a new tradition.
  2. Personalized lure
    Adding a special message to a fishing lure can be the small and sweet gift he’ll not only use, but will cherish forever. Whenever he’s out on the water or enjoying a weekend away, he’ll always have something to make him think of you. Let him know you’re “hooked” by ordering a custom lure on Etsy or get crafty and make one yourself. 
  3. Floating sunglasses
    If your partner is always out on the water, then he needs a pair of sunglasses that can float along with him. With our wide selection of frames, your Valentine can protect his eyes with high-quality polarized lenses. Snag a pair for yourself with our 2 for $80 deal (“2for80”) and use this gift as an excuse to get outside together. 
  4. Marshmallow crossbow
    Yep, this is exactly what it sounds like. After a long day kayaking through a national park, set up your campsite and have some fun. Just like cupid hit you both with an arrow, you’ll both be shooting ‘mallows and falling back in love. Check out MMX Vancouver’s “Mallow Bow,” which is handcrafted in Vancouver. 
  5. Create a scavenger hunt
    Whether you’ve always lived in your neighborhood or just moved somewhere new, creating a scavenger hunt is a great way to see new things (or old things in a different light). Try using your city or town’s most well-known spots as a guide and see if you two can find something you’ve never thought to look at before. 
  6. Waterproof speaker
    A waterproof speaker, like Altec’s Lifejacket, makes sure the music can float down the lazy river right along with you two. Go ahead and turn on the song that made you fall in love and hit the water without worry! (Psst, this pairs well with #3) 
  7. Plan a weekend road trip or bike-and-camp
    With Valentine’s Day landing on a Thursday this year, and the following Monday being a federal holiday (President’s Day), it’s the perfect weekend to run away together. Take a roadtrip to a new place or ride your bikes along some famous trails. Many biking trails offer campsites along the route if you’re feeling extra adventurous. Just make sure you pack light! 
  8. Hobby subscription boxes
    These days there are subscription boxes for absolutely everything. From fishing to surfing to boating or camping, you can find a box that perfectly defines your man. You don’t need to sign up for recurring boxes either. Most subscription services will let you purchase one month’s box without signing up for the whole thing. 
  9. Take a fly fishing class together
    It doesn’t have to be fly-fishing. It could be white-water rafting, paddle boarding, surfing or anything at all. The point is to find a class or excursion that fits his interests and bonus points if it’s something you haven’t tried before. This way you get to be involved in a sport or activity that he loves. 
  10. Drink cooler backpack
    If he’s always grabbing his kayak and heading out the door, he’ll need a backpack that can upgrade his on-the-water experience. A cooler backpack can keep his drinks and lunch ice cold without being as heavy or large as a full cooler. This way he can sling it on his shoulders and drop it in his kayak without worry. 
Guys are notoriously tough to shop for. But if you choose gear that supports his favorite hobbies, or plan activities that he’ll look forward to for weeks, you’ll be sure to show your love this Valentine’s Day. Still need more ideas for guys Valentine’s gifts? Read our top 10 gifts for boaters here.