Press for our floating shades

We’re proud to have been featured by the best in the business, including Business Insider, Huffington Post, Forbes, Bravo, Field & Stream, Boating Magazine, Canoe & Kayak and more. Check out some of our press placements here, and come back for updates as we continue to make the world a more floatable place!

Rheos In The News

Forbes: Travel Professionals Recommend These 40 Top-Rated Products To Pack In Your Suitcase

Forbes editors say "it just makes sense" to pack a pair of our floating shades for your next summer OR winter vacay. The team at Forbes are such big fans, they ranked us in two different gift guides! (See below).

Forbes: Holiday Gift Guide 2019: The Best Gift Ideas For Hikers And Backpackers

"The hiking industry today has expanded to include high-tech gear, completely waterproof clothing and ultra-light comforts of home" — AND floating sunglasses of course. The editors at Forbes compared our polarized shades with Costa, and both options offer 100% UV protection, a lifetime warranty, and scratch-resistant lenses, but only Rheos float (and cost a fourth of the price). Win, win!

Travel + Leisure: Rheos Floating Sunglasses Are Finally Back on Amazon

The editors at Travel + Leisure wrote that our floating shades sell out every summer, and they aren't wrong! One reviewer wrote that they "wanted something [they] could wear running, too, and it turns out [they] fell in love with this brand not only because they float (which has saved [them] more than once), but also because they're so lightweight." We love that!!

BuzzFeed: 21 Things That Must Have Been Designed By Geniuses

You heard it here first, folks... and we sure aren't going to argue! Rheos are sunglasses "you'll actually feel comfortable taking into the ocean with you on your next beach trip." We're stoked to be included on this list!

Business Insider: 16 Essentials To Pack For Your Memorial Day Beach Weekend Getaway

Nothing is going to ruin your Memorial Day Weekend like losing a pair of sunglasses! Good thing our sunglasses float and are "polarized, shatterproof, and hydrophobically finished, and are the ones to take along on a (light) ocean dip."

Explore: 7 Outdoor Gear Items To Test Out Rain Or Shine This Camping Season

Number one on the list, and number one in your hearts! You don't want to leave for your camping trip without a pair of our floating sunglasses, especially if you're going to be out on the lake!

Wide Open Space: The Floating Shades Build For Water Junkies

Our sunglasses offer more than just floatability. Wide Open Spaces editor Erin explains how he testes out a pair of our sunglasses and "realized they're just as great off the water as they are in it!" They're great for fishing, hiking, driving, and even swimming!


PassageMaker: (Mostly) Fool Proof Sunglasses

The editors of PassageMaker loved our shades, and we think we passed the test! "Rheos glasses offer literally everything you would want in a pair of shades, plus one major—and we can’t emphasize this point strongly enough—major, advantage: They float."

Gear Culture: Rheos Floating Sunglasses

When it comes to assessing the gear you really need, Gear Culture has your back. That’s why we were so pumped for a full review and feature on their site. “Now you can take your sunglasses on any water adventure and know that they will be just fine.” Cheers to that!


Fupping: 11 Clever and Thoughtful Gifts For Hunters

Rheos shades aren't just for boaters. They make an amazing gift for the hunters in your life as well! Our anti-scratch lenses are perfect for being in the outdoors, especially out in the woods!


SKYD Magazine: Product Review Rheos Floating Sunglasses

The editors at SKYD Magazine put Rheos through the ringer and gave a really thorough review. If you have any questions about our lens quality, comfort, fit or functionality, be sure to give this review a read. Spoiler alert: We scored a combined 9/10 on their criteria.

Lowcountry Live: Holiday Gift Ideas

Charleston’s lifestyle show on ABC, Lowcountry Live, hosted our friend Charleston Weekender for a rundown of her top holiday gift ideas. She always recommends products that make every day feel like the weekend… and a pair of floating shades do just that. Who says you can only hit the water on the weekend?


On The Water: The Future of Eyewear is Floating

Did you know that half of Americans (49%) don’t wear shades when near the water? Pretty crazy to think about considering UV rays bounce off the water and increase your exposure. Thanks to new floating technology from Rheos, you can protect your eyes without worrying about protecting your shades.


In-Fisherman: Holiday Gift Guide

Have an angler on your nice list? This premiere fishing resource created the ultimate list of holiday gift ideas for fishermen, and we’re pumped to be included. Check it out for yourself on their website, and be sure to catch a few episodes of In-Fisherman TV while you’re there.


The Manual: Couple Was Sick of Losing their Shades

It’s a tale as old as time. Shades sunk, hearts sunk. But then the “aha!” lightbulb moment that brought you Rheos nautical eyewear. Check out the story of our founders, a husband and wife duo in Charleston, SC.

Bravo: Got You An Outdoorsy Dad?

Yep, THAT Bravo. The brand that brings you binge-worthy favorites such as Top Chef and (fittingly for us) Below Deck. Adventurous dads need all the best gear, and according to their team, nautical eyewear should make the top of the list.

Business Insider: Not a Gimmick

There’s more to Rheos than just our floatability (although that’s pretty great). Just ask the folks over at Business Insider. “I thought this startup’s floating sunglasses were a gimmick… but they’re actually pretty great.” Feeling doubtful? Maybe it’s time to put them to the test yourself.

Huffington Post: Father’s Day Gift Ideas

What do you get the dad that has it all? According to Huffington Post, a pair of floating shades will go swimmingly. We were stoked to see Rheos make the list of "Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the Burly Dad." Is there even any other kind?

Field & Stream: Best New Fly Fishing Gear

Another proud moment here at Rheos HQ. Field & Stream is THE go-to source for fishing news, and they included our floating sunnies in a list of "Best New Fly Fishing Gear." F&S crew: hit us up when you want to test these out again in person and we’ll come meet you at the river!

Gear Junkie: Best Emerging Gear

As the experts in the gear review space, we were thrilled to be featured by Gear Junkie for their “Best Emerging Gear” column. Feels good to float right next to the best of the best!

NJ Hiking: Hiking Gift Ideas

This wonderful married couple out of New Jersey has dedicated their time to finding and sharing some of the best gear available on the market today. They share our vision for helping the already-willing get outside and gain a deeper appreciation for the world around us, and the gear that enables to do so more. It's no surprise then that they picked up on our floating sunglasses and shared them with their community.

Active Junky: Holiday Gift Guide Sunglasses

Active Junky is an authority in all things gear and adrenaline. That is why we are so proud to be included on their top picks for their sunglasses gift guide. We couldn't help but blush when they started by saying, "Active Junky marveled at their nearly-weightless feel on the face with enough tension on the bows to stay put."


The Fishing Wire: Rheos Sunglasses

The Fishing Wire is an industry publication that helps share the latest and greatest in fishing with industry experts across the United States and the world. We’re honored to have been included as a noteworthy new product!

Busted Wallet: Rheos Gear Review (9.6/10)

Busted Wallet is known for highlighting "overwhelmingly awesome products" so it's no surprise they wanted to highlight our new line of floating sunglasses. The best part? Well, the rating came out at a wildly successful 9.6 out of 10 rating.

SUP Connect: Paddle Boarding Gear Guide

When the weather warms up, the water is calling. The SUP Connect staff created the ultimate spring gear guide to help get you outfitted with the latest and greatest for your paddle boarding adventures. Floating shades? Check!

Go Adventure Mom: Spring Gear Guide

Our friends at Go Adventure Mom included Rheos in their "Spring Gear Guide," and wrote up a complete, in-depth feature and review. She loves the affordable price point on our premium lenses – ideal for sensitive eyes!

Tropical Travel Girl: Great for Water Sports and Touring

What a blast to see Tropical Travel Girl bring Rheos floating sunglasses along on her globe-trotting adventures. You can view the full gear review on her website, including photos of Debbra and her husband enjoying the shades in Greece and other exotic areas.

 Cool of the Wild: Review Rheos Floating Sunglasses

We’re huge fans of Cool of the Wild. Check them out if you’re in the mood for some exploration inspiration. Be sure to read their thorough review of our floatables. Thanks guys!

Trail and Ultra Running: Summer Sunglasses Reviews

Approved by the quick feet fleet at Trail and Ultra Running! Our shades are made for both land and sea. For our running buddies, we’ve created shades that are super lightweight and won’t slip when you work up a sweat.

Trail to Peak: My Packing List For 10 Days In Japan

Trail to Peak is an awesome source for day hikes, backpacking trips, international adventure travel, and weekend micro-adventures. Writer and adventurer Drew Robinson included Rheos floating sunnies on his packing list before heading to Japan. Check it out!

WRAL TechWire: Sunglasses Overboard? No Worries. New Startup Creates Floating Shades

We love to inspire and support people getting out on the water more often where the best of us comes to life! We are also always looking for more great retail partnerships and for those looking for wholesale floating sunglasses!