Top 5 Outdoor Photographers on Instagram

Instagram is the perfect channel for Water Junkies and outdoor enthusiasts who can't get enough of the outdoors. When you're stuck inside and need a quick escape, or if you just want inspiration for your next adventure, check out our list of the top 5 outdoor photographers on Instagram.

Top 5 Outdoor Photographers on Instagram 

1. Niles Grey @nilesgrey

Niles Grey is an adventure photographer and Editor at GoPro whose sense of adventure is apparent in his photography and videography. His work has been featured by some of the biggest brands in the outdoor space, including Outside Magazine and Backcountry Magazine.

I am passionate about manifesting growth through overcoming obstacles and the hardships life throws at us. Photography and Cinematography are my of way celebrating that victory.

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2. Forest Woodward @forestwoodward 


According to his website, Woodward is “haunted by the allure of point breaks and powder days, steep creeks and tall peaks.” His recent project (when he’s not shooting for Patagonia and Camelbak) include documenting surf culture in NYC, migrant farm workers in Napa, and rock climbing in South Africa.

I am a hunter gatherer of natural light and candid moments. With an appetite whet with a taste of the unknown and the smell of home, I wander a path paved by open minds and trusting eyes, guided by willing feet…and a desire to bring you with me.

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3. Daniel Sohner @dansohner

Daniel Sohner’s work has an extreme quality, with bold composition balanced by a strong awareness of light and contrast. His work ranges from mountain climbing to cycling, and his passion for his art shows:

I am a photographer, storyteller, climber and wanderer. I take pride in my values, volunteer work, patience, the power of food and my ability to communicate succinctly.

The viewpoint of his work and the beauty of his photography are well captured in the quote above: simple and succinct.

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4. Blake Jorgenson @blakejorgenson


Blake Jorgenson is unique in his ability to utilize available light and shoot dynamic images when most photographers would come up with nothing. He has won several prestigious industry awards, including the Pro Photographer Showdown at Whistler’s World Ski and Snowboard Festival and Powder Magazine’s Photo of the Year. Powder and Skier magazines currently recognize him as a senior photographer and his work is sought by heavyweight advertising clients such as Rossignol, Helly Hansen, Oakley, Salomon, Red Bull and Nike.

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5. Pete McBride @pedromcbride


Yep, National Geographic photographer. Outdoor baddass. ‘Nuff said about this Colorado native who has been rocking out the lens for two decades of sheer awesomeness.

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