Southern Sunglasses and Deep Sea Fishing

Floating Sunglasses with Dolphins

As a southern sunglasses company, we're as happy fly fishing the Chattahoochee River as we are deep sea fishing off the coast of Alabama. In fact, we recently took our floating sunglasses to Gulf Shores for a deep sea fishing trip that we'll always remember. Yes, there were amberjack. Yes, there were sharks. No, no one lost their shades.

Right now, I want to share with you a few of our favorites moments from that trip. It started with a friend who launched a hydroponic farm there several years ago and makes some of the best lettuce this side of the Atlantic. I'm not kidding, it's amazing and it will change the way you think about salad.

On our first visit we caught more than 150 pounds of red snapper. This time, they weren't in season so the hunt began with thinking through which fish to go for. Our intention was to avoid the trigger fish and cat fish and go straight for the groupers and do some sport fishing with the amberjacks (they put up a fight!).


Southern Sunglasses and Deep Sea Fishing Our trip began in Atlanta where we trekked to Foley, Alabama to stay with our bud who lives (and farms) in the area. We hopped in the car to the Gulf Shores where some of the best deep sea fishing in Alabama can be found. Captain Mike showed us the ropes.

The Gulf Shores is a city home to the popular music festival Hangout Fest and the famous (or infamous?) bar that is said to split the Florida / Alabama line. I told a friend that one time and they asked "well then who do they pay taxes to?". A quick google search would indicate Florida but danget now I'm curious. We have a retailer in the area Paris Ace Hardware that carries our line of floating sunglasses so don't forget to pop in and say hello for us!

Favorite Shots of from the Trip

  •  #1

    Caught one!

    Victoria catches her first fish and isn't quite sure if she likes it yet.

  •  #2

    Amber on the Line

    Carson just realized she has a huge Amber Jack on the line and this is going to take a fight...

  •  #3

    No guts no glory!

    Jay shows off a beautiful Amber Jack after a big fight.

  •  #4

    My Turn says Micah

    The most experienced fishermen on the boat takes the reigns and shows us all how it is does. Look at that form.

  •  #5

    We can't keep up

    Clearly there are many more fish in the sea...we just need to keep looking and keep working. #lifelessons

  •  #3

    Lunch Break

    Ahem, I mean beer break.

  •  #7

    Don't mind if I do

    I couldn't resist getting in on the action. This might look ok but wait until you see what's next.

  •  #8

    Shark Attack!!!

    No really. An 8 foot (maybe?) shark comes up to see what the fuss is all about and puts an end to the party real quick.

  •  #9


    Our new frenemie stops to take a selfie with his new best bud. Truly, I mean no offense here but watching nature's food chain at work never ceases to amaze me. One moment on a fish line and the disadvantage didn't leave the Amber a chance.

  •  #10

    Pack it In

    As with all great fishing trips the time has come to pack in the gear and head home.

  •  #11

    Waaiit for it...

    The trip home is foreboding and a little more intense than the way out there. Thank you radar for safe navigation tips.

  •  #12


    The trip ends with a bang. Fret not my friends. Not 5 minutes later we were safely ashore and ready for a drink and to check out the pictures from the trip.

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Southern Sunglasses and Deep Sea FishingStyle: Anhingas
Frame Color: Tortoise
Lens Color: Marine
Description: Gulf Shores brings up memories of childhood fishing trips. Classic times with family being free and connecting with the outdoors. The best pair to add to the mix for a trip like this that balances friends, family and action in a laid back environment would have to be the Anhingas Tortoise Marine. The lenses match the sea adventures and the Anhingas style is the perfect mix of adventure and fashion. Some things never go out of style.

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