Fishing Tips for Beginners

It’s official… spring has sprung! If that has you itching to get out on the water, you’re not alone. Fishing sees a huge surge in activity from beginners and experienced anglers alike during the warmer months. And what’s not to love? Time spent outdoors, the peace and quiet of nature, the thrill of a strike… there’s a reason fishing is the second most popular outdoor activity (trailing only behind jogging).

Photo: Reuben Pena

Even with so many fishermen and women out there, getting started can feel a bit daunting. If you’re a fishing newbie, don’t let your amateur status slow you down! Check out the top fishing tips for beginners from our Pro Staff fishing team… and get ready to reel.

Learn to K.I.S.S.

Whether you are a new angler or aspiring to be a professional, sometimes the choices of what to purchase, what to tie on and throw, what color and what depth, etc. can be mind boggling, to say the least! Let’s spend more time finding where the fish live and simplify how we choose our approach.

When it comes time for the "fun stuff," like lure and tackle selection, let’s simplify our approach. This leads us to the K.I.S.S. method. K.I.S.S. stands for "Keep It Simple, Silly." A fine example would be instead of having all 26 colors of the latest and greatest crankbait on the market, keep it simple silly and purchase colors that allow you to cover all bases. Any form of red, chartreuse and white or silver/chrome will cover almost any body of water you choose to fish, from Michigan to Texas!

Same thing stands true for soft plastics. It is not necessary to have your favorite worm or creature bait in watermelon with 5 different flakes, plus others. Yup... it's coming again! Keep it simple, silly! Pick up the lures of your choice in black and blue plus green pumpkin. Just like the crankbait, those two colors will have you catching GIANT bass from Canada to Florida!

So, the next time you find yourself bogged down with the thousands of choices us anglers have, remember K.I.S.S.   

       - Stephen Richter


Top 3 Tips

Number one, you need to do your research. Join fishing forums and blogs and ASK questions. The more intel you can get on the place you’re going to fish, the better!

Secondly, always choose the right equipment to do the job. Make sure your gear can handle the job. Go to local tackle shops and ask for recommendations. I always ask for the budget minded gear to save money.

Finally, remember to wear eye protection. This is overlooked a lot! Whether you’re fly fishing or throwing bait or lures, keeping your eyes protected is a must. I’ve had snagged lures come flying back at me and you don’t want that ruining your day.You also want your eyes protected from the sun [here’s why]. A nice pair of Rheos shades can help you with both.

       - Rick Talbot


Match the Hatch

An experienced fisherman may know this phrase, but a new fisherman may not have a clue what this phrase is about and understandably so. The phrase “Match the Hatch” means to use a bait or lure that matches what the fish are eating. For instance, if you see a big school of flickering shad on the surface of the water, odds are the fish will be feeding on those shad. In order to increase your chances of a hooked fish, use bait and lures that resemble a flickering shad.  

Another example of matching the hatch is if you see frogs on the shoreline or scurrying amongst the lily pads. Most likely the fish will be feeding on frogs, and you will want to use a hollow-body frog lure in order to increase your chances at a strike. So whether you are on your first fishing trip or are an experienced fishermen, be sure to “Match the Hatch” next time you’re out on the water. 

       - Mitchell Bierman


Fish for Redfish & Trout

Both Redfish and Trout should be making their way out of their winter hiding spots and onto the flats. Keep in mind that they will still be working in cold patterns, so be sure to keep your bait or lure on a slow retrieve to get them to strike. I like starting my morning off with a top water when the wind is at its lowest point, and later on switch between drop offs with 1/4 jig head and a 1/16 for coast lines. Once I figure out the depth there in, I will continue to work it til the bite slows and it’s time to relocate and change tactics.

       - Reuben Pena


Choose a Springtime Lure

A great spring time lure is a Lipless Crankbait. The color I would throw most is a red craw pattern!  

       - Bill Wassmann


Is it still cold where you are? Never fear. Check out our winter fishing tips for more great advice from the Rheos team.



Stephen Richter is aspiring to be the best angler and the best person he can be! Fishing is his lifestyle, his passion, and his obsession! He believes you should always include your kids, family, and friends on fishing trips. Follow Stephen on Instagram @stephen_richter_fishing and Twitter @stephen_richter.

Rick Talbot is addicted to targeting new fish species; both freshwater and saltwater. There’s no place on earth he won't go and no legal technique he won't try to add to his species list. And it’s working: 140+ species landed so far. Check out Rick’s blog for more or follow him on Instagram @ricksreeladventures.

Reuben Pena is Next Level Fishing TV's longest active angler, and he has contributed to many adventures both inshore and offshore. He even played a major role in winning Yak Anglers’ Video Of The Year award! Outside of the show you can follow his personal adventure at @reubenpena74.

Mitchell Bierman is an avid angler from Michigan who can frequently be spotted with tight lines and bent rods on Spring Lake. His recent accomplishments include reeling in a personal best large mouth bass at 7.12 Ibs. You can follow along with Mitchell on Instagram @mitchbierman.

Bill Wassmann is a self-described fishing freak who loves sharing his tips and tricks with others. Fishing has been his passion ever since he was a little kid watching Bob Cobb on Bassmasters. Now Bill spends a lot of his time promoting and teaching bass fishing. He’s tournament fished for over 20 years and loves to compete. Follow Bill on Instagram @wildbillwassmann.