The 7 Best Atlanta Instagram Accounts

Instagram is an amazing way to find out what's going on in Atlanta. Friends and photographers can share amazing, real-time snapshots of places you may want to explore, and the more connected you are to local Atlanta Instagram visionaries the better your feed is at letting you know what awesomeness is going down in the city. Here are 7 amazing Atlanta Instagram accounts that every ATLien should follow:


1) weloveatl

Started in Oct 2012 as a way to curate images from the Instagram community for an art show at Young Blood Gallery, the #weloveatl movement has grown to include 100,000+ images tagged and 10,000+ people connected by a love of Atlanta. #weloveatl inspires and empowers people in the Atlanta area to come together and share their love of the city through photography and other visual art.

2) cat_lanta

Catlanta is an artist who challenges ATLiens to get off the couch and explore to find his hard-carved, hand-painted Atlanta themed cats hidden around the city. He's a street artist "sharing his work with whoever can find it." You may also want to follow Catlanta on Facebook and Twitter as well in order to get a head start, the kittens disappear pretty quickly. Join thousands of other Atlanta members in the hunt for the elusive, feline art.

Kitten in the wild, Constitution Lakes

A photo posted by Cat Lanta (@cat_lanta) on

3) streetshootersATL

Another hashtag driven account, #streetshootersATL is a cool way to see the lesser known parts of the city. The curation offers a bleak, darker mood for Atlanta street photography featuring beautiful images and landscapes of metro Atlanta.

4) atlantatrails

Atlanta Trails is an online magazine that inspires Georgia outdoor adventure: running, hiking, backpacking, paddling & cycling. Using the hashtag #atlantatrails and #getoutsidegeorgia to spread the word, Founder Eric Champlin gets some of the most beautiful pictures of the Atlanta and Georgia landscape and tells you how to get out there. Follow and explore!

Tumbling water on lower Panther Creek. #getoutsidegeorgia #atlantatrails

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5) kingofpops

A great popsicle company with a great sense of humor, it's fun to keep track the nearest corner to find their amazing and odd flavors. They also will let you know about special offers like free King of Pops at the window in Inman Park!

6) livingwallsatl

Living Walls exists to promote, educate and change perspectives about public space in our communities via street art. If you've lived ITP for any amount of time, you've likely seen the giant murals that ar part of the annual project where artists from all over the world adorn public spaces with amazing street art.

7) 5ps_

Pure beauty managed by Petie Parker, this is one of the most stunning displays of street photography in Atlanta.


A photo posted by Evan 5PS (@5ps_) on

BONUS: atlantabeltline

The Atlanta Beltline has changed what it means to be an ATLien, so follow the team that build the pedestrian super-highway throught the middle of the once-intractable cityscape.

#beltlinebackdoors ❤️??

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