2-Pair Mystery Box
2-Pair Mystery Box
2-Pair Mystery Box
2-Pair Mystery Box
2-Pair Mystery Box
2-Pair Mystery Box


2-Pair Mystery Box

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Life is like a box of sunnies… you never know what you’re gonna get! Pick the pack that feels like you and we’ll ship a surprise straight to your doorstep. All mystery boxes are final sale.

Persona Packs:
  • Beach Babe (includes 2 women’s frames)
  • Outdoor Explorer (includes 2 women’s frames)
  • Boat to Bar (includes 2 men’s frames)
  • Gone Fishin’ (includes 2 men’s frames)
  • His & Hers (includes 1 women’s frame and 1 men’s frame)
  • Coastal Cool (includes 2 unisex frames)

Made for the love of water-

Designed in Charleston

Crafted with clarity and comfort for a life spent on the water. Every detail is designed for thrill seekers and sun soakers-like us.

Sunglasses just dropped into the water. A splash of water appears around the floating sunglasses.
Yes, They Float

Rheos frames weigh 20-30% less than standard sunglasses so all shades will float back to the surface if dropped in the water.

A pleasure boat on the water. Blurred greenery in the foreground.
Protect What You Love

We give back a portion of every sale to protect our waterways. And we give our time, too.

Lenses ready for any condition

All lenses offer premium polarization, 100% UV protection and are equipped with a range of VLT that will keep you protected.

VLT, Visible Light Transmission, measures the amount of light transmitted through a lens. Different environments from fishing to golf to beach lounging, benefit from various percentages of VLT for optimal vision and performance.

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