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Wholesale Floating Sunglasses

Wholesale Floating Sunglasses

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There are two things we know above all else.

1. Anyone who spends time near the water needs floating sunglasses.
99% of your customers have sunglasses that sink. If you're anywhere near a lake, river or ocean, there is a pretty good chance that your customer has already experienced that sinking feeling. When they see floating shades in your store, they’ll replace that “oh *&^%” moment with an “aha” moment, and they’ll want to add floating shades to their cart.

2. The $50 price point is low enough for impulse purchase, high enough for quality.
Otherwise known as the “fast fashion” price point, the $50 range combines quality and accessibility. High-end brand loyalists will want to snag a pair as a backup, and others will want to upgrade their frames without the sticker shock. Oh yeah, that also means great margins, high turn rates and a lot of happy customers for you.

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