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Rheos shades are outfitted with the latest innovation in sunglass technology: Nylon lenses. The science behind Nylon lenses means every fisher, boater, surfer and whatever-else-you-do-outsider will have sunglasses that provide ultimate clarity and comfort. Typically reserved for the $200+ category, our Nylon lens sunglasses retail for a much more affordable $55. There is absolutely no other brand that offers nylon optics at this accessible of a price point.

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A full wrap frame with thick side arms for maximum wind and glare protection.

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A stylish cat-eye frame with medium to large fit.

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A sport wrap frame for maximum wind protection with a medium to large fit.

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An original and classic rectangular style with a medium fit.

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A classic style for the aviation in all of us.

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A classic rectangle frame with a small to medium size fit.

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A classic frame shape with a medium to large fit and keyhole nosepiece.

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A round frame shape with small to medium fit.

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An oversized frame with style and function for every day use.

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The Nautical Eyewear Collection