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Floating Sunglasses Ambassador Application

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Rheos Gear brand ambassador. Our entire brand and company is shaped by the entire Rheos community and most especially our brand ambassadors. From the design of our products to the way they are used in the world, it starts with you. Before you begin the application (link to form here) there are a few things you should know.

First, the types of ambassadors we are seeking include:

Delightful Photographers: Our photographers know how to capture the essence of a moment that inspires a desire to explore. Technically proficient? Sure. But as the great Ansel Adams said the best camera is the one you have with you, and we believe the best moments are captured because you're out there doing. Check out our Instagram to get a better idea of the quality and style of photography to be a photographic ambassador. To apply for this position please be prepared with photography.
Group Leaders: Our group & trip leaders often are the leaders of a kayaking trip, outdoor club, or any other group typically 10 people or more. They help organize trips and have a level of respect and influence from those that come on trips with them. To apply for this position please be prepared with your most recent and upcoming trip / group info.
Qualified Athletes & Competitors:Athletes & competitors are exactly for whom Rheos Gear was developed. More often than not athletes & competitors are our best customers and come back again and again for great gear and incredibly efficient pricing. But sometimes there is a top percentage of athletes that we can't resist sending some gear to give it a shot. They typically have a celebrity-type following (growing and mature) and their fans like to buy and support the brands that support them. To apply for this position please be prepared with prior history in sponsorship and returns. Thank you!
Brand / Non-Profit Partnerships: Rheos Gear is a profit for good company. We love nothing more than to partner with organizations looking to better themselves and those around them. If you represent a brand or non-profit that shares these ideals, we'd love to hear from you.
Epic Travelers: As an outdoor gear brand, we share a passion for exploration as do millions of others around the world. Travel and exploration is not limited to global discovery, sometimes the best excursions are right in your own backyard. To apply for this position please be prepared with your upcoming travel plans and how you would incorporate Rheos Gear into your trip on a consistent basis.
Referrals & Affiliates:As a small business, Rheos Gear was founded on word-of-mouth marketing, and we have no expectation that will change anytime soon. We need you to help us spread the word and keep our gear of the highest quality and the most accessible pricing on the market! Please contact us for more information about becoming a commissioned affiliate and how you would engage an audience on behalf of Rheos Gear.
Don't see a fit? Shoot us a note on the contact page with your ideas!

Rheos Gear is looking for men and women who can't stand to watch the action from the sidelines and love being a part of adventures and leading a crowd. In exchange, our Water Junky team is rewarded with events and discounts on all Rheos Gear products as well as the products of companies with which we partner. This enables you to receive professional grade floating shades and our partner’s gear at a substantial discount.


  • Submit a Trail Notes story
  • Provide monthly photos kits of at least one outdoor adventure and quality content including but not limited to photos, videos, blog entries, social media posts, forum conversations, etc.
  • All content must be provided via social media or the dedicated share folder given to you on application confirmation.


  • Water Junky Membership Package inclusive of a t-shirt, shades and decals
  • Personal Account on allowing for 20% discount on any Rheos Gear product
  • Discounts on Promotional Partners (coming soon)
  • Referral code for distribution to potential customers; this link provides customers with a 10% discount and Water Junky team members earn a 10% commission off of every sell


Discount codes may not be shared with friends, family or other individuals. Re-selling of merchandise is strictly prohibited. Sharing of discounts on or any of our partners will result in an immediate termination from the Water Junky team. Rheos Gear reserves the rights to terminate contracts at any given time.

If you have further questions or need clarification please contact us at Ready to join the team?

Check out the application here!