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Half Dome Yosemite: Heavenly Place by @HOLLYSWANDERLUST

November 25, 2016

The best views come after the hardest climbs. Yosemite's bounty is particularly beautiful when seen from one of the park's most iconic landmarks. The Half Dome accent  isn't easy, but worth every step.

 as told by hollyswanderlust

What's the must do and see here?

Depending on how active you are I would say either visiting Glacier Point and Taft Point, or for the really adventurous; hiking the legendary Half Dome.

What makes this a special place to connect with nature?

It's special to me because it's the very place that awakened the love of outdoors in me. I went backpacking for the first time there and I had never experienced anything like it. From then on I knew that's where my heart belonged.

Favorite memory here?

My favorite memory has to be the time I hiked the cable route of Half Dome. This was before I was a climber and when I was still afraid of heights. It was the most terrifying and exhilarating experience that challenged me in many ways. I will never forget it.

What superlative would you give Yosemite?

It's a heavenly place

Tell us about yourself!

I'm 24 years old and I have a 9 - 5 job in the service department of a car dealership. I try to be as active as I can on the weekends by going to many places in Northern California that have some great climbing or some beautiful a sights to enjoy and explore. I'm very blessed to live near some of the most beautiful places that's only a 2-4 hour drive from my house. My plan is to travel and climb around the world as much as I possibly can, and meeting some amazing adventurers along the way!


Yosemite Valley is a rock climbers dream. There's no shortage of impressive rock faces to scale ranging in difficulty from casual to expert-you-gotta-be-on-a-list hikes. Either way you'll want to make a multi-trip to see as many breathtaking sites as you can.

John Muir loved this place and we can't blame him. The scenery of Yosemite makes it worth cherishing and spending some quality time with nature. With so much to do and so much to seet gets busy in Yosemite. So why not take the road less traveled and beat the crowds.

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Favorite Instagram Shots of Yosemite


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