Oneonta Gorge, located near Bridal Veil, OR, is where you can really get immersed in the lush green beauty of the Pac Northwest. The short hike requires you to get into the water as you traverse the length of the gorge. Bouldering and scrambling are a plenty, but keep your mind on the prize while you make your way to Oneonta Falls.

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What's the must do and see here?

The Gorge itself can be seen from a bridge. But to see the waterfall at the end, put on your swim trunks and prepare to get cold and wet. To get to it, you must scramble up a jumbled mess of a log jam. From there, it's just a short hike to the falls. But it's clambering around logs, wading through ankle-deep water, treading through frigid chest-deep water, and being misted by the falls and water dripping from the moss above.

What makes this a special place to connect with nature?

In the Columbia River Gorge, there are so many activities to participate in, whether it be kite surfing on the river, hiking a myriad of trails, viewing a multitude of waterfalls, or just driving along Highway 84. The Oneonta trail has been gaining in popularity recently due to some popular photos on Instagram. But because of the intensity of the hike most people don't make it off the bridge. There may be a few people in the canyon, but it still feels very exclusive.

Favorite memory here?

I love the section of the trail where you have to wade through the chest-deep water. It is cold and it takes your breath away, but it is so refreshing.

What superlative would you give Oneonta Gorge?


Tell us about yourself!

During the week, I’m a Social Worker at his local VA hospital, helping post 9/11 Veterans find housing, jobs, and mental health & medical care. When I’m not at work, though, I’m on the road with my wife exploring the world around us. In late 2016 they moved from Indiana to Oregon to have more access to mountains, trails, and the ocean. I’ve had exposure to the great outdoors since childhood, traveling throughout the US on family vacations. It wasn't until 2012, when I traveled to Iceland with my cousin, did I find my love for adventure photography. Since then, I’ve worked on developing my photography skills through self-study and making connections in the outdoor and photography realm, and of course spending time in nature with my wife


Oneonta Gorge is for the hiker that doesn't mind getting into the water (how convenient for you). The Columbia River carves the rock formations that are more than worth the wad. The water loving dogs will thrive, but think twice if you're pup isn't great with getting wet.

The Oneonta Gorge trails are about an hour give or take from Portland, OR and ranks up there as one of the best day hikes. The short trails lead to the Oneonta falls, but be prepared for some bouldering and tree traversing. Pro Tip: an extra pair of shoes is highly recommended with all the wadding and swimming you'll be doing. You'll be glad you did on the drive back.

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