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Klamath County: Inspired by nature by @jdpegan

October 14, 2016

Cascade country! Lots to explore: winding trails weaving through old-growth forests, waterfalls crashing over 100 ft basalt cliffs, an almost 2000 ft deep lake sitting in a collapsed volcano, and more!

 as told by @jdpegan

What's the must do and see here?

Crater Lake National Park is a must! There are hundreds of waterfalls in the area as well, but Toketee has to be one of my favorites. It's only a short drive from Crater Lake.

What makes this a special place to connect with nature?

When I was growing up my family would visit southern Oregon to get away from the urban grind and enjoy the awesome nature in Southern Oregon. I still enjoy coming back to explore this place which brings back those old memories, and creates spectacular new ones.

Favorite memory here?

It has to be a tie between one: on this last trip, not stopping to eating all day, but still lowering my brother, @pegs4days, down a dusty, slick, rocky grade at sunset in an attempt to get better access to a waterfall. And memory two: when I was a child using a fishing net to scoop up a 15 lb carp barley holding on to life and floating the top of a lake, then trying to bbq it on a camp grill. The first was successful, the later was NOT!

What superlative would you give Klamath County?

Where did the sun go?

Tell us about yourself!

I'm a materials science PhD candidate at the University of California at Irvine. When not exploring the unknown on a micro- and nanoscale I thrive on exploring the outdoors. I'm inspired by nature: finding a line down a mountain on my bike, feeling the flow of the ocean on my kiteboard, and challenging the power of gravity by climbing up boulders and rocks. These experiences help me in the research lab to create a deeper understanding of the natural world by connecting the micro and nanoscale world with the one we all experience day-to-day. Ultimately my goal is to share these experiences and findings with the world as a way to inspire others in similar kinds of exploration. This is the reason why I always carry my camera.


Klamath County is home to an array of great trails for hiking and mountain biking, National Forests and is home to Crater Lake National Park. The fly fishing is also plentiful along with the bouldering and rock climbing. Truly an outdoor paradise that defines the southern Cascades.

The camping in Klamath is well up to you. There's plenty of spots with developed campsites, but the true solitude lies when look beyond the trail. Pro tip: the best place to refuel when exploring southern Oregon is at the Frau Kemmling Schoolhaus Brewhaus. It feels like Oktoberfest in there year round.

What's your favorite pair of Rheos shades?

Frame Color:Gunmetal
Lens Color:Purple
Description:Climbing, angling, hiking, biking. There's a lot to do in Klamath County. The lightweight aviator frame of Rheos Palmetto won't hold you back as you get out there an explore all that the South Cascades have to offer.

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Favorite Instagram Shots of Klamath County

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