Some of the best ideas come when you scratch your own itch.Since 1986 Granite Gear has been making award-winning backpacks, adventure travel gear, storage sacks, lifestyle accessories, and canoe gear with superior design and construction after founders Jeff Knight and Dan Cruikshank realized they were going to need better gear.

The Granite Gear Legacy continues with the belief that all outdoor enthusiasts and travelers should have gear that's incredibly durable and comfortable. Located in Northern Minnesota, just minutes from the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness and the Superior Hiking Trail, their rugged and beautiful testing ground is ideal for perfecting their packs.

Granite Gear in Action


When you're trekking, something that can really hold you back is an uncomfortable, overly heavy pack.

The Crown V.C. 60 is a cult classic for ultralight hikers, weighing in at just 2 lbs, 2 oz. This pack features a removable frame sheet and is a top loader with a secure roll-top closure to provide easy access. The Crown also has a Vapor Current suspension system, which keeps you cool without shifting the pack’s center of gravity away from the back.

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A few more words from the team...

Perfect for... the day hikers and thru hikers alike that don't want to waste a moment of enjoying the outdoors wondering if their pack is going to hold up. Pair with the Forest Green Half Shells in Dar Copper with extra ventilation so you can soak up the scenery.
Favorite Rheos Trail Notes blog post... Big Sur with @coreyxtwin. The Crown VC 60 makes the perfect companion for multi-day adventuring through Big Sur's forest and coastal trails. Pack it in and pack it out with gear that's tough as granite.
Rheos Shades Pick: ”Half Shell | Forest Green | Dark Copper - For adventurers that love extra breath ability and the most air ventilation of any frame, the half shells are the perfect fit. Check out the variety of lens and color options to find your favorites and hit the river or trails with form and function at its best.

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