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Grand Teton National Park: Photographer's Paradise by @justinlfricke

October 10, 2016

Grand Teton National Park sits in the heart of Wyoming with incredible views of this powerful mountain range. This is the place you go if you want an opportunity for endless exploration.

 as told by @justinlfricke

What's the must do and see here?

Sunset. The setting sun lights the sky on fire. What can look like a lackluster view one minute becomes the best view you've ever seen in seconds, literally.

What makes this a special place to connect with nature?

This park often gets overshadowed by Yellowstone National Park (to the north) and I think Grand Teton National Park really attracts those with an adventurous spirit.

Favorite memory here?

I rolled up to Moulton Barn around 1:00 am to get some night shots. Some people were there with a light shining on the barn. I got some shots that were far better than what I was expecting to get, because of their light and I had an awesome time just chatting it up with three strangers late at night. Since it was so dark, I still have no clue what they look like, but they were really nice!

What superlative would you give Grand Teton National Park?

Photographer's Paradise

Tell us about yourself!

’m of the impression that life’s best spent doing stuff we love, watching the sun rise and set in the same day, inviting our best friends to share in our stupidity, going to places most people only see on a postcard, and getting comfortable being uncomfortable. I lived in Florida for 25 years, have taken a few surf trips to four different countries, climbed in six different states and one Canadian province, ran 13.1 miles in under two hours, and rode my bike 50 miles in about three hours and 100 miles in about six hours for fun. My name’s Justin Fricke (nice to “meet” you), I am a freelance writer, photographer, videographer and most of my work centers around going places and doing things most people only dream of doing. In 2016 I decided to quit playing it safe, so I built out a Sprinter Van. In 2016 I'm visiting all 50 states, living out of my van, with my brother, doing work that matters to me. Because life's too short to think about cool things I'd like to do "one day."


Wyoming is no joke for outdoor folk and Grand Teton leaves a true Rocky Mountain legacy. Snow capped peaks overlook the park, which hosts iconic North American wildlife. Rare big game like wild bison roam it's grassy ranges while moose inhabit the marshes of the Snake River.

Grand Teton National Park isn't far from Wyoming's mayor sites, Yellow Stone and Jackson Hole. It holds it's own with plenty of incredible hiking trails and campsites along with fishing and paddling. Summer is the high season, but the winter has it's perks too. Snow buffalo (well bison) has a nice ring to it.

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Favorite Instagram Shots of Grand Teton National Park

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