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LidsLash sunglass holder

August 30, 2016

Friends of Rheos - LidsLash

Founding Story

This story starts with a Dad taking an observation of a chubby cheeked smarty pants 5 Year old and turning it into a “teachable moment” and family project. It all began on a family ski trip to Park City Utah in early 2014. It was going to be an especially exciting trip because our youngest son Barrett (age 3) was going to try skiing for the first time. His older brother Kendall (age 5 & pictured wearing a raccoon hat) had learned to ski at age 2 ½ and Barrett was eager to give ski lessons a try and best his brother on the slopes. On this particular day I was doing my best Walker Family Sherpa impression, lugging my family's skis, poles, helmets, and gloves across the snow to the ski school staging area. I dropped a glove and when I bent down to retrieve them; my sunglasses slipped off my hat and were stepped on and destroyed. I will never forget my son Kendall’s tiny voice and facial expression when he said…"Dad, you should find a way to attach your glasses to your hat so they won't fall off". My younger son Barrett kicked what was left of my shades across the snow and giggled....typical Barrett. Kendall’s comment stuck with me and, as I purchased a pair of replacement sunglasses at the mountain ski shop, I made a reminder in my phone to search online for a solution when we returned home. Back in Virginia, I quickly realized that there was really nothing on the market that would temporarily tether a pair of sunglasses to my myriad of baseball caps, winter knit hats, and outdoors fishing hats. So I decided to try and make my own solution, if for no other reason than to safeguard my sunglasses moving forward and with no intention of bringing such a solution to market. I dug through my junk drawer looking for something I could fashion into a suitable solution to hold my sunglasses to my hat yet retrieve them effortlessly when I needed them. My early prototypes were miserable failures. One early model had my wife calling me a unicorn! Thanks Honey!

Product Overview

Friends of Rheos - LidsLash

Let's face it... we all put our glasses up on our hat brim when we don't need them. You've probably lost a few pair, or worse scratched the lenses of your favorite sunglasses. The LidsLash allows you to safely secure your shades to virtually any hat brim, yet instinctively access them with no additional steps when you need them. Stop losing your sunglasses, scratching their lenses, and spending money replacing them by ordering a LidsLash today!

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A few extra tips from the team...

Perfect for: Whether you’re hunting, fishing, hiking, golfing or just enjoying the great outdoors, rest assured your sunglasses are secure where you instinctively place them…. on your hat brim! No more lost shades or worse peering through scratched and gouged lenses that look like they were mauled by a mountain lion. Keep them “high & tight” until you need them!
Gear Tip: Pair with Rheos Gear Sunglasses and a Nature Boy Hat!
Favorite Trail Notes: LidsLash are perfect for a paddle through some of the Best Places to Kayak in Georgia.
Rheos Shades Pick:Sapelos | Gunmetal | Gunmetal - The Rheos Sapelos Frame is named for the famous Sapelo Island in our home state of Georgia. This line is one of our original floating frames and is designed for an oversized fit and an all-terrain exploration. With a smooth matte finish and plenty of color combo options, you can never go wrong with this classic wayfarer style. Click the link to check out more size and color options.

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LidsLash in Action

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