Kinsey & Friends Take Nature Boy Hats for a Spin

Nature Boy Hat Co. Founding Story

Friends of Rheos - Nature Boy Hats Founded in Atlanta, our neighbors at Nature Boy Company wanted to make comfortable, sustainable clothing that are both inspired by the outdoors and inspire adventurers to get outdoors.

The Nature Boy name was inspired by one of the founder’s (Ben Holton) friends from growing up. His family had spent many weekends camping and hiking in Georgia State Parks, like Ft. Mountain & Indian Springs. One day, his friend heard they were headed back to the mountains and said "you're the nature boy.” Ben recalls that many of his most fun & happiest memories were spent camping with his family and playing outside with his best buddies. After getting sucked in day-to-day drudgery for too long, he recently fell back in love with being outside & appreciating the beautiful state he grew up in. We encourage you to do the same whether you're from Georgia or Nevada. Join him and awaken your inner Nature Boy or Girl!

Product Overview

Friends of Rheos - Nature Boy Hats

Made from organic cotton, recycled materials and with a portion of the proceeds donated to the GA Conservancy, The Original Tupelo Hat looks after the environment as much as it protects you from the sun. The design itself is a nod to the Southeast, featuring the Tupelo tree found across the region that makes us excited to get out and explore. Not only do these guys make great gear they’re also great guys, donating a portion of their profits to the GA Conservancy who work hard to preserve Georgia’s natural beauty. As Georgia locals, that’s definitely something we can get behind.

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A few extra tips from the team...

Perfect for: Adventurer lovers, explorers and everyone looking to Play Outside Again!
Gear Tip: Pair with LidsLash sunglass holder and never lose your sunglasses again.
Favorite Trail Notes: The Original Tupelo Hat would be perfect for exploring Sapelo Island. Have you been there yet? Check out Elaine Elliot's The Story of Sapelo Island: Rheos Namesake.
Rheos Shades Pick: Anhingas | Tortoise | Marine - The Anhingas frame namesake is one of the most versatile and fascinating coastal birds in the U.S., diving deep into the water to catch dinner and just as comfortable flying above. The dual-comfort nature of the "snake bird" is a nod to this new frame, which offers a sport fit and wears with enough style for an everyday carry. Click the link to check out more size and color options.

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Nature Boy Hats in Action

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