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Stunningly Gorgeous Crater Lake National Park

October 13, 2016

The best part about a volcanic eruption is that more than 7,000 years later the remnants can leave behind something as stunningly gorgeous as Crater Lake. Learn more about this iconic location from our friend Shronda (@shondra_martin).

 as told by @shondra_martin

What's the must do and see here?

Cleetwood Cove Trail, which takes you down to the lake shore.

What makes this a special place to connect with nature?

Crater Lake had been on my bucket list for far too long when I finally decided to grab my three best friends and go on the most amazing 14 day road trip adventure. Crater Lake was our first stop, and skyrocketed passed all my expectations, kicking off an amazing adventure.

Favorite memory here?

We walked down to the lake shore and went for a swim. I brought a little inflatable yellow tube, but no pump, so we had to blow it up ourselves, which took a while, but we were cracking jokes the entire time. I then sat in it and floated out into the gorgeously blue water and the warm sun and just sat there enjoying the moment.

What superlative would you give Crater Lake National Park?

Astonishingly spectacular!

Tell us about yourself!

I'm a passionate outdoors adventurer and explorer, born and raised in Squamish, BC, but currently studying business at the University of Victoria. Hiking and camping, or just generally being outdoors have always been my passions, as well as soccer and traveling. These three things take up the majority of my time, as well as studying and drinking coffee, which seem to be the regular activities of an average university student trying to survive exams.


Stunningly Gorgeous Crater Lake National Park Crater Lake National Park is a must see in the Northwest that's in the southern Cascades in Oregon. Some of the best parts of the 90 miles of trails include seeing the caldera, but also enjoying the wildlife and abundant firs that dot the rim. It's a day hike haven with beyond pure air.

There's access to the park year round with prime conditions from June to October. If you're feeling like beating the crowds head up there in early spring. Make sure to bring some warmer clothes and be flexible to trail and bike path closures. Fishing on Crater Lake is highly encouraged which is a great way to relax after hiking up the Cleetwood Cove access trail.

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