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Rheos Floating Sunglasses Releases Spring 2019 Styles

April 24, 2019

Leader in floatable eyewear announces two new adult styles; Launches first baby and kids’ floating sunglasses!

Rheos Floating Sunglasses Releases Spring 2019 Styles

Charleston-based Rheos Gear has released five new frame styles for its collection of polarized floating sunglasses, including its first floating shades for babies and kids.

“We’re excited to finally release our spring 2019 styles, which have been highly anticipated among our community of fellow water junkies,” said Jake Berton, founder of Rheos Gear. “We designed our two newest adult frames – the Coopers and Waders – after receiving input and requests directly from our customers, so we’re pumped to see them out in the wild.”

The new kids’ line comes from a more personal place.

“My wife and I are expecting our first baby this summer,” Berton said. “We started to realize an entire demographic we completely overlooked – babies and kids! We can’t wait to welcome a whole new generation to the Rheos community.” 

Water can reflect up to 100 percent of UV rays, causing irreparable eye damage. It’s essential for everyone, babies and children included, to protect their eyes outside – particularly when near the water. With Rheos floating technology, parents can now rest easy knowing their curious kids can jump, splash and play without sinking their shades.


The new rectangular sport-fit frames, the Coopers, combine style and performance. The larger lens size offers maximum sun protection when out on the water. Embedded nose pads ensure a comfortable wear, especially for long days outside, with enhanced grip against water and sweat. The Coopers come in tortoise and gunmetal frames with a variety of lens color options, including thermal, marine, gunmetal and emerald. Available for pre-order at with guaranteed shipping by May 15. ($50) 


For those looking for a more classic fit, the Waders will become a fast favorite. Smaller than the original Rheos frame – the Sapelos – the Waders offer a smaller design that complements any face shape. The Waders come in tortoise and gunmetal frames with a variety of lens color options, including thermal, marine, gunmetal and rose. Available for pre-order at with guaranteed shipping by May 15. ($50)

Minnows Collection – Kids Frames

The kids’ collection, aptly named the Minnows, includes 3 styles for babies, toddlers and juniors. The baby frames (recommended for ages 0-2) and toddler frames (recommended for ages 2-5) come in a classic style similar to the new Waders. The junior frames (recommended for ages 5 – 10) comes in a sport frame that’ll keep up with every kid’s high energy. With polarization, 100 percent UV protection and floating technology, all Rheos Minnows shades are parent-approved and cannonball-ready. Available now at ($29)

Rheos Technology
Rheos floating sunglasses are designed to offer the same style, durability and comfort that people expect out of their everyday shades – without the risk of sinking. Unlike other floating sunglasses that rely on bulky buoys or air injections, Rheos designs are made of ultra-lightweight material to achieve a floating frame without compromising durability.

All shades are fully-featured including polarized lenses and heavy duty anti-scratch armor, among many other premium lens coatings. Rheos lenses are 100 percent UV protected with anti-scratch, anti-fog, hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings. Our premium polarization eliminates glare and enhances colors, making them ideal for watersports, boating, fishing and even everyday driving.

Available in a variety of unisex frame styles, Rheos floating sunglasses are designed to appeal to both men and women… and now kids! To learn more about Rheos technology and specs, visit our website.

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