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Bison American Made Coolers

November 22, 2016

One of our Friends of Rheos, Bison Coolers make American made coolers to keep your goodies cold when you're out adventuring. From fishing trips packed with your fresh catch, to tailgates filled with frosty beverages, Bison has you covered.


Bison American Made CoolersBison Coolers started in the summer of 2011 as a father-son duo with the crazy idea of bringing high-quality, American-made coolers to the market. Five years later, Bison Coolers is still family-owned but has grown immensely. This is due to our customers that were willing to provide feedback and suggestions of how the Bison brand and products could grow. We take pride in our American-made coolers and so do our customers. This has been the true fuel of our growth. Our business is still run the same way was the day we started , with passion around producing quality products, offering unparalleled customer service and constantly challenging the status quo. Breaking it down to build it back up. Setting the pace, not keeping up with it. The Bison Cooler is a tribute to the hard-working American that deserves the escape from their daily grind. Our family-owned business is honored that you are considering our products and hope you become a part of the Bison Movement. Work Hard. Play Harder. 


Bison American Made CoolersIt's the perfect everyday ice chest that engineered with thick insulated walls, a tight seal rubber gasket and a strong locking lid keep your food fresh and drinks ice cold.

It packs American-made quality with heavy duty rubber latches, durable self closing hindges more features (like custom lid graphics!) and a better value than anything on the market.

A few more words from the team...

Bison American Made CoolersPerfect for... Fisherman. The thick pressure injected insulated walls, heavy duty gaskets and locking lids keep your ice cold for days while holding up to any abuse out on the boat or on the river.
Favorite Rheos Watering Hole blog post...Winter Fishing Tips. Because who said fishing was a summer sport only? Bison Coolers are the perfect companion on your next chilly fishing trip to keep you catch even chillier.
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Bison Coolers in Action

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  • Bison Coolers #1



  • Bison Coolers #1



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