Rheos Gear Ambassador John MiragliaJohn is one the most well-rounded young adventures we know. On each excursion he hopes to develop life-long connections with others. As a resident of the the great city of Las Vegas, he works hard to find a way to adventure and make the outdoors a part of his daily life. As a high school student, his passion for photography started young and has been apparent throughout his life. The thought of being able to capture a moment in time in such perfection drives him to constantly experience great moments outside and capture them in order to share with those he loves.

Living in a stereotypical "party city” John is a on mission to show how much more the area has to offer beyond the Vegas strip. Hiking in Las Vegas is one of the most unique experiences he believes you can have, and although there is little to no greenery, the serenity found in the mountains, along with the silence is simply peaceful. The purity that is the outdoors is second to nothing and through adventure you can discover all the beauties that life has to offer. Want to keep in touch? Follow his adventures at @enter_phtotography on Instagram and see where he's off to next...

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Style: Sapelos
Frame Color: Gunmetal
Lens Color: Gunmetal
Description: The Rheos Sapelos Frame is named for the famous Sapelo Island in our home state of Georgia. This line is one of our original floating frames and is designed for an oversized fit and an all-terrain exploration. With a smooth matte finish and plenty of color combo options, you can never go wrong with this classic wayfarer style. Check out size and color options below!

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