Your more likely to run into Jay at the airport than in his neighborhood in Brooklyn.​ As a full-time adventure photographer he is constantly on the move seeking the unexpected in far off places. ​ He feels most at peace exhausted, dirty and far from home.​

Jay has helped lead a number of adventures throughout his career most recently the Pull of the North expedition where he and the team traveled more than 2,500 miles across the Yukon river covering it from end to end. You can see more of his photography and adventures on his website at or through his instagram account @jaykolsch.

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Style: Eddies
Frame Color: Gunmetal
Lens Color: Light Amber
Description: The Rheos Sapelos Frame is named for the famous Sapelo Island in our home state of Georgia. This line is one of our original floating frames and is designed for an oversized fit and an all-terrain exploration. With a smooth matte finish and plenty of color combo options, you can never go wrong with this classic wayfarer style. Check out size and color options below!

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