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Marty Zoffinger celebrity YouTube Fisherman

November 09, 2016

Best Fishing Sunglasses

By: Marty Zoffinger with 100k+ subscribers

Video Transcription:
Hi there everybody. My name is Marty Zoffinger and if you like kayak fishing, and you like videos on youtube then you probably know who I am. You also know that I like to share products that I use from time to time, and you might also remember that I've tried some rather fancy sunglasses in the past. The fancy sunglasses that I'm referring to are a very heavy glass frame sunglasses and whenever I look down they would fall off my face. If they fall in the water they're gone. That's it. And it was kind of annoying constantly having to push them up my nose every time they would slide down. It was pretty upsetting knowing that I spent a lot of money on those. These Rheos sunglasses are about one-fifth of the cost of those glasses. They are scratch-resistant. I always clean them with my shirt, and they still look like the day I got them. They're super light. They stay on my face all day long, and I don't even know that they're there. It's hard to kind of get across how light they are but it's really cool because you don't feel them on your face. They're not sliding down your nose all the time. I have been wearing them a lot. I'm really digging the shades so give them a look-see. Rheos sunglasses. Floating, polarized, scratch-resistant. Floating! Did I say floating?? Thanks for watching. Now get out on the water and #lookaround!

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